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farm yoga


“I like Farm Yoga because it’s a change of scenery. Being inside all day at work I rather do yoga outside and enjoy the view like the blue sky, feel the breeze and see the sun shining.”

– Marie

“Farm Yoga is like no other mind-body experience. I’ve taken plenty of yoga classes in studios all over the place, but your classes beat them all. Being outdoors in the farm field, breathing in the fresh air on the north fork, feeling the sun on your face (and sometimes catching an epic sunset) while centering yourself and being present with yourself is honestly priceless. It adds an extra element of relaxation and clarity. Aside from being in a natural space, the way you teach yoga is unmatched! You have a powerful yet calming energy, and I felt 100% comfortable during the classes. Your words and aura made me feel confident and powerful.”

– Tiffany


“I like Farm Yoga because I am able to forget about everything going on and relax in peace and it helps improve my flexibility. I feel great after class every time and I always want to come back and do more”

– Allan

“I’m usually an anxious and stressed person and farm yoga gave me the opportunity to relax and become more self aware. At the end of class, I felt relieved like the weight of the day had been lifted off my shoulders and I could wake up the next morning with a new perspective. I also left every class with a grateful heart and much happier than I came.”

– Olivia


“I like Farm Yoga because I got to be outside and experience nature. In class I felt like we were all doing something powerful together.”

– Ellen